VCMS Systems

InPower’s VCMS family of control systems can be tailored
to your specific needs.

Whether you just need to control a few lights and monitor a couple of inputs, or you need to juggle a complicated I/O system with many different branches all over your vehicle, InPower’s VCMS family of control systems can be tailored to your needs. Unlike more complicated multiplex products, with expensive development systems, high learning curves, and “one-size-fits-all” over-capacity beyond what you require, the VCMS family is entirely modular, scalable and easy to learn. You simply buy what you need to meet your system requirements.


We offer a variety of different pre-configured systems packages, or we can customize one to meet your specific vehicle needs.

If you want to customize systems yourself, our Conversational Logic development system is easy to learn over the course of just a few hours, but sophisticated enough to handle an incredible variety of systems complexities.

Our switch panels are designed to be rugged and to allow users to customize the switch legends easily.

Our power modules are small but powerful, capable of controlling multiple 12V/15A loads at a time (up to 60A per module), or even ground-output circuits in our VCMS II family.

If you already have your own front-end switches, our systems can accommodate those also through programmable inputs that can be 12V or Ground TRUE.

The VCMS family comes in two forms,
depending on your needs.

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    VCMS – Our original system, designed for rapid installation with ¼” blade-terminal connections on the power modules, which most shops already have tools for, and a ribbon cable for the data interconnects between modules.

    VCMS Products

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    VCMS II – Our newest and most rugged system, with sealed Molex MX150 connectors, more I/O capabilities, and our next generation development kit. This is the system to use when you need better environmental protection for your circuits, a necessity in today’s world of tighter installation environments.

    VCMS II Products