Battery Management

Power Distribution & Battery Control

    Auxiliary Battery Optimizers

    By combining InPower's LVD and ABS into a single product, we created the Auxiliary Battery Optimizer (ABO). The ABO simplifies wiring, improves battery performance, and extends battery life by eliminating excessive battery discharge. The industry’s first three-post battery controller, the ABO charges the auxiliary battery from the chassis battery, while preventing the chassis battery from being drained by auxiliary loads. Its MOSFET design eliminates massive heat sinks.

    Auxiliary Battery Switches

    The ABS charges and isolates the auxiliary battery from the vehicle’s chassis battery and alternator, while protecting the chassis battery from auxiliary battery load discharge. Designed to replace outmoded, inefficient battery isolators and unreliable mechanical battery separators, the ABS series is the perfect solution for managing your vehicle’s auxiliary battery system.

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    Auxiliary Battery Switches

    The ABS provides automatic auxiliary battery control. The ABS provides for alternator charging of the auxiliary battery and isolation of auxiliary battery loads, preventing these loads from discharging the primary chassis battery.